Meet Paul & Jen

Here's a story about two people who believe fiercely in values that put people first, demand authenticity, drive harmony, and are dynamically creative.  Their stage is set from professional experiences spanning from startup to enterprise, technology and operations, art and music, relationships and culture - across numerous industries.

Jen and Paul have a shared philosophy in their choice for a path of curiosity over one of fear.  Deeming professional joy a must, they are dedicated to unburdening the real and perceived constraints blocking the creativity, passion and joy that bring individuals into business ownership.


They are agents of collaboration between the labors of human beings and the mysteries of inspiration. Creativity is there when you look for it; too often we are too busy to notice it. Let’s find it again, together!


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Jennifer Durkin

Jennifer places relationships and culture at the core of her professional philosophy. She thrives on using lightweight methodologies to enhance and strengthen working teams and their business objectives. Jennifer focuses on strengths, fosters curiosity, and offers radical candor by default. Her mantra is:  What's possible, together?


For over 10 years, Jennifer has practiced her gift for developing productive workplace relationships across multiple industries. Within professional services, finance, retail, entrepreneurship, product, and technology sectors of business, she has broken down silos and brought value-stream teams into a unified culture. She is a nimble strategist and innovative idea generator constantly striving for the perfect balance between systems and process, creating exceptional efficiencies.


Paul Riola

Paul believes that honesty, transparency and vulnerability are the bedrocks of a successful culture that ultimately drive innovation. Coupled with a lifetime in the creative arts as a musician and producer, he brings a rhythm and harmony to every engagement.


With 20 years of experience in IT Business Leadership, Paul is a strategic and analytical thinker. He leverages technology and business intelligence to drive profitability. As a trusted voice and collaborator inside and outside organizations, Paul consistently delivers a positive message for affecting change.

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