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We are committed to bringing passion, profit & creative joy back into owning a business.

That's why we created Handcraft.

Technology  |  Operations  |  Relationships


We work with smaller companies to get ready for the changes that come with growth and ownership desires. Handcraft is not your average consultancy. Our unique difference is the combination of our purpose and approach. We'll meet you where you're at to help you go beyond and get what you need most -unstuck.


We support you where you’re currently at to get to where you’d like to be with your business. 

We transform boutique organizations through lightweight movements that create robust changes. Our clients relish working with our seasoned, intuitive, and inventive consultants who propel the business mission.


We are intentionally process and software agnostic so we can always recommend the optimal solution for you. We commit to being your partners in realizing your desired future state.



The Handcraft designed, integrated approach places our team at the heart of your team. We create true alignment in understanding your current business state. Together, we strengthen your foundation, solve sticky problems and provide a runway for scale - while returning you to a state of workplace enjoyment.

Strategy and Operations

Handcraft looks at your business holistically to enhance revenue and reduce cost. Define, improve or automate processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to deliver better value.

Business Technology Enablement

Elevate the effectiveness and productivity of the relationship between your business needs and IT delivery. Align technology to business needs, drive revenue and reduce operational cost.

Organizational Change Management

To stay ahead, organizations are in a state of constant transformation. Handcraft works with your team to align key parts of the organization, creating engagement and energy, and deliver results that matter. 



The Handcraft approach is a journey. We might even be so bold as to call it an adventure. One that is filed with curiosity, mystery, and delight. We've crafted a balance and harmony between simple techniques orchestrated for robust results. Worry less about the unknowns, focus on your strengths, and increase your confidence in your existing team potential and their ability to achieve your vision.

Our evaluations are crafted to fit your organizations current complexities. You've built a foundation to support just yourself or a team of 100. The Handcraft evaluation provides a full view of your ecosystem so that together, we can make important strategic and tactical decisions.  We'll help you delegate and execute on plans with an objective of helping you and your team achieve a new pattern of how you operate towards increased efficiency and greater success. 


We start by understanding your current state. Using your technology and operations foundations as our guide, we can navigate through the key components of your organization to confirm and identify existing strengths, risks and opportunities.


Your foundation is our starting point to clarify the business objectives and identify long-term strategies, short-term goals and prioritize projects.

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From creating strategic initiatives, communication roll-out plans, project and change management, to hands-on execution. We work with your teams to elevate how your teams work together and create a new paradigm that continues beyond us. 

Handcraft also provides individual fractional COO and CTO services for projects, interim C-suite support, and ongoing strategic leadership. 

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Sometimes you need a fresh perspective. We offer objective advice and collaboration. We stimulate creative thinking to help you stay focused on your goals, your purpose and what you’re working so hard to achieve.

Handcraft advises CEO's and business owners as part of our core offering as well as an independent service. 

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